Kudos to Middletown Student-Athlete "SALT" Outreach on Anti-Bullying Campaign



MIDDLETOWN-The Middletown Student-Athlete Leadership Team (S.A.L.T.) organized and successful conducted an Anti-Bullying Seminar on Friday March 3rd at Rosa Parks Elementary.  The effort was part of the group’s annual community impact volunteer service project.  Rosa Parks Elementary is one of 6 elementary schools in the Middletown Community School District.           

The S.A.L.T. team sent 45 of the school district’s brightest student-athletes leaders in grades 7th-12th to educate youths about bullying awareness, different types of bullying, and what to do when a person encounters these behaviors.  The students had the opportunity to share their message with every 3rd through 5th grader at the school.  “Their impact was definitely felt by our students” said Rosa Park Principal Arzell West-Estell.  “The older kids have an instant connection and ability to engage our kids”.

This is the inaugural year of the Middletown Student-Athlete Leadership Program and its first community impact serve project as a group.  “We had multiple teachers come in after the seminar and say they want more of this” stated West-Estell.  “We want to keep the momentum going.  The plan is have these student-athlete leaders stay connected with our kids.”

The Middletown Student-Athlete Leadership program is designed to target key leaders at Middletown Middle School & High School from each sport to further their leadership potential. Through the S.A.L.T. program, these students will develop into stronger leaders and role models for their school/respective sports. Student-Athletes with meet monthly to discuss items such as influential figures, integrity, servant leadership, sportsmanship, barriers and/or stereotypes at school and in athletics, have guest speakers come in & more.  In addition, the group has a community service component and targets one elementary school each year to do an Impact Project within the Middletown School District.