Mike Dyer of WCPO.COM Highligts the Best of the Best in His 20th Anniversary of the Crosstown Showdown


The Crosstown Showdown is celebrating its 20th anniversary edition this fall.  Over the years this premier high school football event has seen some of the best players in America participate in these historic match-ups. Mike Dyer (WCPO.COM) has reached into his bag of literary tricks to highlight the best of the best over the years of the "Crosstown Showdown". These highlighted players include a large number of GMC greats...names easily recognized as standouts at the next level.  With nine of the ten conference schools participating in the "Showdown" this year, league interest is extremely high.

Hats off to Mike Dyer for taking a courageous step to identify the "best of the best". To catch the "rest of the story" see the link provided below:

(Crosstown Showdown 20th Anniversary Team)

Congratulations to event organizer, Tom Gamble, on a job very well done!