Mike Dyer (WCPO.COM) and Steve Shuck (GMC Commissioner) Share a Final Analysis of Football Playoff Fortunes


As the regular football season comes to a dramatic conclusion, Mike Dyer of WCPO.COM fame and GMC Commissioner Steve Shuck share final football playoff insights Friday evening. With Many Harbin playoff spots being determined in the final minutes of this last game of the season, Dyer and Shuck will undoubtedly be able bring the playoff picture into focus for Greater Cincinnati.

Mike Dyer and Steve Shuck will be sharing their insights and expertise' with a variety ol local social media outlets.  To get a complete rundown of these opportunities and get the "scoop" on the Harbin playoff picture, check the link proovided below:

(Dyer and Shuck Share Harbin Insights After Week 10)

Many thanks to WCPO.COM's Mike Dyer and GMC's Steve Shuck for their interest in young people