WCPO.COM High School Sports Writer, Mike Dyer, Receives State Awards


WCPO.COM high school sports writer, Mike Dyer, was recognized for his writing and investigative reporting in a recent awards presentation held by the Ohio Prep Sportswriters Association at the Ohio High School Athletic Association headquarters in Columbus. Long-time supporter of Greater Cincinnati student-athletes, Mike Dyer received three separate awards for his exemplary work.

He received first place recognition for his "Division I Game Story" which coincidentally involved GMC member, Middletown and their last game being played at historic Wade E. Miller gymnasium. Mike Dyer received third place honors in the "Investigative / Enterprise Category" for his work on the OHSAA Competitive Balance implementation program and then he received third place overall as "Writer of the Year".

Many thanks for your dedicated service and a big GMC congratulations.

For the "rest of the story see the WCPO.COM link provided below:

(WCPO.COM's Mike Dyer Receives Awards)

(Photo compliments of WCPO.COM)