GMC Principals Announce Conference Student Leadership Summit


The principals of the Greater Miami Conference announced an historic Student Leadership Summit designed to promote interleague relations, sportsmanship and mutual respect between league members. This impactful student interactive gathering is being sponsored by Mercy Health, who strongly supports the values derived from these positive student growth experiences.

The GMC Student Leadership Summit will take place on Thursday, September 6th at the Mercy Health facility in Norwood.  Ten students will be selected from each high school will attend this leadership experience, which will be facilitated by the renowned  Nick Jackson who has impacted thousands of young people with his interactive, barrier breaking philosophies and activities.  He will be supported throughout the summit by administrative leaders and coaches from every GMC high school.

Kudos to the GMC principals for constructing this student growth experience, special acknowledgement to Nick Jackson for sharing his gift of communication and connection with young people, and a very heartfelt appreciation goes the great folks at Mercy Health for stepping up to assist the GMC leadership in making this event a reality. This shared vision of positive, student centered GMC interaction is a win-win for the students and the conference as a whole.